Monday, 21 December 2009

2010 AGM

Hotdoggers AGM

Thursday 7th January 2010 - Upstairs at the White Lion


Quiz afterwards.



Info for 2010 British Longboard Championships entry

As some of you may know, the BLU has been given the right to run the British Longboard Championships for 2010 on behalf of the BSA.

The BSA, as the National Governing Body operates National Championships under ISA rules.
The basic requirements for running a National event are:

  • All competitors must hold a British Passport
  • All competitors must be Full members of the BSA for each event
  • For Longboard competitions, all boards must be a minimum of 9' long across the top deck of the board

Please download and read the ISA Rules 2010 version for more detail.

BSA affiliated clubs

There is a misconception that being a member of an affiliated club automatically provides membership of the BSA.
This is not always the case.
Most clubs will provide a tiered club membership, usually one with BSA membership and one without (while providing their own insurance).
If a surfer wishes to take part in National Competitions, and he has taken out club membership and opted to take BSA membership as part of that membership, they must ensure that the club has informed the BSA and passed over the fees in order for membership to be valid in time for a competition.

Proof Of Membership

Prior to all competitions, the BLU/BSA will check all surfers memberships against the BSA listings.
If a surfer is not a member of the BSA and cannot show proof of membership, they will not be allowed to take part in the event unless some sort of joining up process is provided at the event.
This is being explored with the BSA, but cannot be guaranteed at this time.
Late entries on the beach risk the surfer being disqualified from entering the event if they cannot show their BSA membership card on the day.

Friday, 18 December 2009


New website coming soon..... shouldn't be long, honest!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Message from Norm

It’s with great sadness that i have to inform you of the untimely passing of a fellow surfer.

Tony Cridland passed away in his sleep on Tuesday 1st December. Tony was also known as `tea time tony` down at the beach and was well liked by all that knew him. He was mad about his surfing and spent all his spare time either in the water at Saunton or walking on the beach. Tony was a kind and gentle man who always had a smile on his face and was keen to help out with whatever was going on at the beach.

It is a great loss and our hearts and thoughts go out to Tania his wife and daughter grace.

His funeral is to be held at Barnstaple crematorium on Tuesday 15th December at 11.30. The wake is at the white lion in Braunton afterwards. If you knew Tony and would like to attend then please do. Tania has asked if people would like to make a donation in place of flowers, we are going to buy a picnic bench which will be placed at the beach in memory of Tony. I knew tony personally and he always made me smile, he was so stoked to be in the water or just at the beach having a cuppa. He always had time to talk to my boy Ashley and they spent many hours surfing together. You only had to look at him when he came out of the water to understand how happy it made him. We have lost a good friend and wish him safe passage.



Friday, 4 December 2009

Ben Haworth - Bali 2009

Got emailed these pics from Ben this morning. I could do with some of that right now!

If anybody has any trip photos or even shots or video of themselves or anything interesting to share please send it to me at thehotdoggers at gmail dot com.

Monday, 23 November 2009

End of summer ball photos

I can't take the credit for all of the photos, paparazzi Greg Robinson took some of the shots. He did steal my film camera and promised to take some good shots but sorry Greg you managed to somehow shoot 18 completely blank frames!

If you want to see my shots from 2009 full screen, click here.

End of Summer Ball 2009 - Cook Island, Mullacott Cross

If you weren’t there then you ought to be ashamed of yourselves it was probably the best one yet and it was great. The band JESTERBONES were fantastic.... loud wasn’t the word.... The food was superb, the raffle was endless and the beer went down well.... Everyone made the free bus up to cook island except Greg and George who obviously can’t tell the time!

As usual there is never enough time to get everything done and enjoy the night with my family and friends so GREG ROBINSON and ASHLEY BRAUNTON have been given the job of organising next years
event at cook island so WATCH OUT.........

A big thanks goes out to `JESTERBONES`, STEVE + LISA from cook island all our sponsors and everyone who donated prizes towards the raffle, and not forgetting everyone who came. I need to say a big thanks to my wife Hayley, Ashley and Lilly who sorted the bus, raffle and me out on the night.... xxxxx.

Greg treated us to a rap which was unforgettable and hilariously funny, not that he remembered much about it the following day...

The hangovers were abundant the next day and for once I was fine and raring for breakfast which cook island put on and shouldn’t be missed if you’re passing. We even had a guest appearance from 007 himself suited and booted of course... or was it really Chris Dyer in fancy dress... smart as...

Well done to all of the league competitors and all the trophy winners of 2009!

Big thanks again to all the clubs sponsors.
el presidenti